2AM Club, an upcoming American band was named after the groups favorite bar. The
group consists of lead singers Marc Griffin, emcee Tylor Cordy, guitarist Matt
Regean and keyboard player Dave Dalton. The band came togther in LA 2007 to
bring different types of generes such as: hip-hop, rap, electro; to name a few.
Artists such as Big Sean have featured in one of their hits Mary - by 2am club
ft. Big Sean.

I encourage you to listen to this band because 2am club is real music. In my opinion, this is my favorite group to listen to without getting tired of the same lyrics and beat. Leave any comments below about what you think!

                                                             "    Dont judge
                                                           a song buy it's band
                                                        a book by it's cover
                                                      a person by looks    "
                                                           - Anonymous



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