I love ordering food...only when I don't feel like walking to the Dining Hall. That's a walk from my dorm and the food is the same shit everyday so that's always why I order. I need help...I can cook, but I hate washing dishes, so there goes my other option. I should have one of the girls in my hall cook for me. Who am I kidding though, they can't cook. I wish I could eat homemade food everyday instead. Who knew I was going to miss food from home. Food overall is a huge problem for me. I have gained weight and stopped eating for days. What's my problem? 
1/30/2013 02:49:44 am

Plus your poor frikin friends are always the one that wants to order and they never frikin pay. write one about how to stop your cheap ass friends from taking your money!

Renzo Orellana
1/30/2013 02:52:32 am

Thank you for your comment, ill soon write a topic relating: who are your real friends?

2/2/2013 11:22:44 pm

Your problem is that your just plain lazy. If your not willing to walk all the way to the dinning hall then cook for yourself and get over your laziness of not wanting to wash dishes .


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