2 things I dislike the most about girls in general.. 1. They never tend to finish what they want to tell me, like just tell me if you brought it up. Is it that hard to finish what you have started to say? girls are so complicated for no reason... this is the reason why I am single, yet I like this specific person. Long story short... things are complicated between us. Relationships usually do not last very long in college anyways. 2. Get to the point of things!! I always feel that girls take extra steps to say something. By the way, this is my opinion so girls please do NOT feel offended!! Even though I can continue to write about why males like myself hate females who do certain things, we males need to learn to listen because from experience we tend to interrupt when being spoken to. What are your opinions about both females and males flaws?
Taylor Pastello
1/29/2013 12:52:28

want be my valentine ???

Tessa Fox
1/29/2013 12:58:54

You think girls complicated really boys get random boners talk about misleading. Also they complain about thier hair being too long but they cutt it in the winter and then complain they are too cold. talk about complicate !!.Also guys need a wingman to approach a girl but girls just get free drinks all night. Girls always finish what they have to say but boys intension spand is too short to hear us and they hear every other word. Atleast girls have a point to what they say unlike boys.

Renzo Orellana
1/29/2013 13:07:47

Besides your spelling errors, I can see where you are coming from. Maybe I should write how, us guys are complicated as well.

1/30/2013 02:46:49

Yo biddies who read this not all girls are like this and not all guys are raging horn dogs. like chill this is just his general observation. like a scientist observing lab rats...girls rule

Deez nutzz
1/30/2013 12:48:38

girls have cooties

2/2/2013 23:51:56

Girls are complicated sometimes but guys need to learn to pay attention more and not be so stupid to get the subtle and obvious hints we give. And believe me girls will always finish what they have to say since we love to talk, guys just need to pay attention and listen with no interuptions.& for girls its not so easy to get to the point of things cause sometimes the things we have to say isnt so easy to say just straight out unlike guys that just say it straight out without caring about how the other person may feel. & dont blame the reason for you being single on girls being complicated cause it just might be that like evry college guy, you'd perfer being single i mean who wouldnt.

Renzo Orellana
2/3/2013 02:01:50

Thank you for your comment!


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