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"All the statistics in the world can't measure the warmth of a smile." - C.H

Feb 7, 2012
As all of you know, The imitation of The Harlem Shake dance has been viral on youtube, where one person- often his/her face covered gently hip-thrusting- in a roomful of oblivious people while Harlem Shake by Baauer plays in the background. Then, as soon as the bass drops which is usually within 15 seconds. Everyone is Harlem Shaking, humping and jumping. Here is my friend's version of The Harlem Shake which I think is by far original and creative. Enjoy !!!!!
2AM Club, an upcoming American band was named after the groups favorite bar. The
group consists of lead singers Marc Griffin, emcee Tylor Cordy, guitarist Matt
Regean and keyboard player Dave Dalton. The band came togther in LA 2007 to
bring different types of generes such as: hip-hop, rap, electro; to name a few.
Artists such as Big Sean have featured in one of their hits Mary - by 2am club
ft. Big Sean.

I encourage you to listen to this band because 2am club is real music. In my opinion, this is my favorite group to listen to without getting tired of the same lyrics and beat. Leave any comments below about what you think!

                                                             "    Dont judge
                                                           a song buy it's band
                                                        a book by it's cover
                                                      a person by looks    "
                                                           - Anonymous

Dom McLennon, an upcoming artist has been getting publicity as he has been voted in the top 8 out of thousands participants nationwide to open up for Kendrick Lamar. McLennon, hailing from East Hartford, Connecticut has proven over a short time to be a pastiche of sounds, combining the styles that inspired him with those of his enviorment to create a new experience in the hip hop world.
Beer drinking baseball cap and a Beer funnel is all you need to be a bit more creative when you drink!!!

Happy Superbowl Sunday!!!!!

**Not responsible for any injuries or accidents**
"Do you rather drink or drive?" This should never be a question because beer is now cheaper than gas! ENJOY!

Thirsty Thursday

*Not responsible for any injuries or accidents*
This is what my crazy friends decided to do the other night... Make a table out of empty tobacco tin cans. What a brilliant idea right?
10 simple ways to make Super Bowl Sunday even better !

The Rules:

1. Take one drink: Every time they say “Super Bowl Forty-Seven” (take 2 drinks if they sound out the roman numerals X-L-V-I-I).

2. Take one drink: Every time there’s a commercial for Pepsi, Bud Light or Go Daddy

3. Take two drinks: For every field goal scored

4. Take two drinks: Every time they talk about the head coaches being brothers.

5. Take two drinks: Every time they mention "it’s Ray Lewis’ last game"

6. Take three drinks: Every time there’s an interception or a fumble

7. Take three drinks: Every time Kaepernick kisses his biceps.

8. Take a shot: If Jay-Z makes a debut either on-stage or on-camera

9. Take a shot: If the defense scores.

10.Take a shot: If the team you’re rooting against scores a touch down

Basically, everyone gets drunk and has fun doing it at the same time!! 

*Not responsible for injuries and accidents* 

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I always wanted to make a list of things I want to do, like a bucket list. My problem is, what should I include? How realistic or unrealistic can my list be? This is what I have so far. To name a few. Bucket list: 1. Try Marijuana. 2. Become a Nurse 3. Go to Tomorrowland 4. Have an alcoholic beverage named after me 5. Enter Nathan's hot dog eating conest. Any suggestions? What else should I include or exclude of my list?
2 things I dislike the most about girls in general.. 1. They never tend to finish what they want to tell me, like just tell me if you brought it up. Is it that hard to finish what you have started to say? girls are so complicated for no reason... this is the reason why I am single, yet I like this specific person. Long story short... things are complicated between us. Relationships usually do not last very long in college anyways. 2. Get to the point of things!! I always feel that girls take extra steps to say something. By the way, this is my opinion so girls please do NOT feel offended!! Even though I can continue to write about why males like myself hate females who do certain things, we males need to learn to listen because from experience we tend to interrupt when being spoken to. What are your opinions about both females and males flaws?